Monarch Employee Development will propel your organization forward through tailored executive training and coaching.  Team and individual leadership development, organizational development through communication enhancement, performance and conflict management

Specific content samples:

  • Peak Performance and Productivity – Get unstuck and maximize your satisfaction, momentum, and output
  • Onboarding – Ensure employees achieve peak performance in a new role
  • Focus, Task & Time Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Leveraging Minorities and Diversity
  • Burnout – Learn specialized techniques to prevent or manage burnout
  • International – Maximize success for both Americans working overseas or those here from other countries
  • Boundaries – Reduce behaviors that disrespect others
  • Transition and Loss – Face changes and discover unexpected joy.
  • Entrepreneurialism – Channel your passions and creativity to design a new business with entrepreneur coaching
  • Career Transition
  • Leadership Development
  • Leveraging Cultural Differences
  • Organizational Change
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Interpersonal Conflict
  • New Roles, New Expectations